TG Dampers can solve your vibration problems

We have extremely strong insight into mechanical systems. We have years of experience working with Vestas, offshore platforms, bridges, balconies, staircases, floors and many more. We

investigate and solve vibration problems
  • Measure on-site:
    • vibration frequencies and levels
    • structure modal mass and damping
  • Diagnosticise problems
  • Implement solutions, e.g. vibration isolation or the installation of a vibration mass damper
design and install mass dampers
  • We have a broad range of products, see here
  • We have state-of-the-art test facilities
  • Every damper is thoroughly tested, and supplied with full spectral documentation
analyze complex mechanical or fluid systems
  • Implement, solve and test dynamical systems models
  • Analyze and interpret measured data
  • Perform statistical data analysis
  • Analyze fluid systems, including added mass considerations
TG Dampers analysis of experimental data. Structure properties, eigenfrequency, damping and modal mass, are computed from simple decay tests.

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