We Absorb vibrations!

Vibration solutions for the industry

Wind Energy

Vibration control means safety and reliability for the wind industry.

Civil Engineering

We investigate and solve vibration problems for buildings and bridges.


Our expertise includes vibrations of smokestacks and measurement and solutions for machine vibrations.

TG DAMPERS in short

TG Dampers ApS develops robust and flexible vibration solutions for buildings, towers, floor, bridges etc.

We have backgrounds in physics and mechanical engineering and we are highly skilled in controlling vibrations. We have designed and implemented many Vibration Dampers, and we understand the need for better and more flexible solutions.

We form a team with strong practical and theoretical skills and a deep understanding of mechanical engineering and physics. Together, we have the necessary experience to develop and apply the TG vibration dampers to meet the needs of the industry. We deliver precise and fully spectral performance charts for each damper, based on theoretical modelling and state-of-the-art scale-model testing.

We have +15 years of experience with vibration solutions and we are committed to deliver practical, reliable and accurately documented solutions.

Laust TophØj M.Eng, Ph.D

Nikolaj Grathwol M.Eng.

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