Vibrations are a significant challenge to the design of buildings and towers. Vibrations of buildings and towers occur for many reasons ranging from footsteps to earthquakes. Vibrations lead to discomfort, material fatigue and structural damage. In extreme cases, vibrations may cause a structure to collapse. Modern structures are lightweight and built from low-damping materials such as steel, so vibration problems are increasingly common.

Reducing vibration levels can be very difficult. In many cases, the simplest and most cost-effective solution is the installation of a Vibration Damper, often called a Tuned Mass Damper (TMD). A Vibration Damper is a simple, robust mechanical device that absorbs mechanical energy from a vibrating structure and then converts this energy into heat.

Traditional Vibration Dampers need to be precisely tuned to a specific structure with a specific vibration eigenfrequency and a specific modal mass. So Traditional Vibration Dampers are typically custom-made for a specific structure, leading to significant costs, which can be many times higher than the material cost for the actual Vibration Damper.

We have developed a new type of Vibration Damper, the TG Broadband Damper, which is simpler to use than a traditional Vibration Damper or TMD. The TG Broadband Damper is extremely robust and delivers high damping performance on all structures within a range of eigenfrequencies and masses. Click here to read about our team.

Further updates will follow, as the technology is developed!